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The STICK (Scottish Transport and Industrial Collections Knowledge Network) Tools Toolbox and learning resources contain a handling collection of hand-tools from the participating museums’ collections with a number of learning activities focusing on investigating hand tools and their uses. The toolbox methodology can be used to explore the work and life of joiners and carpenters, cobblers and engineers through the tools they used in their work. Where possible, a film, images and documentation from archive material are included. The toolbox is supported by a collection of modern tools which can be used for comparison with the artefacts contained in the box or they can be used for practical woodworking activities.

A number of resources are also available for download from the STICK website.  They are designed for use in conjunction with the box, but many are extremely useful on their own.  They include the following videos:

Wooden thread cutter
Shaving horse
Brace and Bits


tools hand tools shaving horse saws planes gimlet chisel brace carpentry joinery cobblers engineers woodwork industrial

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