Object Lessons

Object Lessons is an exciting series of resources designed to help you develop your skills and confidence in identifying and caring for core materials found in social history collections.

Each resource is made up of a loans box of museum objects with an accompanying pack of information which guides you through the basic principles of materials’ identification and care. The box also contains a selection of key books currently available on the topic.

You can download the written resources here, but you will need to borrow the loans box as well to get the full value out of the training.

The following loan boxes are currently available:

Object Lessons 1: Metals
Object Lessons 2: Wood
Object Lessons 3: Plastics

Scroll to the end to download the resource books and cue cards.

How can I use Object Lessons?
The resources are designed to be borrowed by an individual or an institution for a fixed period from one to two months. You can use them in any way you see fit to suit your own needs. For example, you can work through the resources as part of a CPD programme of self-directed learning, or organise a one-day seminar for a group of colleagues such as an AMA support group, or you can even take the resources into store to assist you with a programme of documentation work.

If you want to organise a one-day seminar around a particular loans box, get in touch and we may be able to give you some help and guidance.

How much does it cost?
Each Object Lessons box is free to borrow, but you will have to organise and cover the cost of transporting the box to and from your venue. To help you work out the transport cost, the dimensions and weights of the box are listed below:

Metals box
Weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 45cm (width) x 71cm (length) x 34cm (height)

Woods box
Weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 45cm (width) x 71cm (length) x 34cm (height)

Plastics box
Weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 45cm (width) x 71cm (length) x 34cm (height)

You also need to ensure that the boxes are covered by your insurance for the time that they are in your possession (to the value of £500).

How do I book a loans box?
Please contact objectshcg@gmail.com