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SHCG ballots members on amendment to Constitution

Members will receive an additional insert with the new copy of SHCG News. The insert is a ballot to approve an amendment to the wording of the Constitution.

For those members who were unable to attend the AGM in July, Zelda Baveystock, the outgoing Treasurer, proposed a motion to change the wording of the paragraphs relating to SHCG’s Annual Accounts.

It has been made clear to her by our accountants that we need to change the wording in the Constitution regarding our accounts, as standards in auditing have become more onerous in recent years.

As SHCG is not a registered charity, we are not subject to legislation and as such the standard of a full audit, as set down in the Constitution, is not required. Furthermore, despite the wording of the Constitution, full audits have never been carried out on the SHCG accounts, as this would be disproportionately costly compared to the receipts from membership subscriptions. Each year the accounts are subject to an independent examination, which has been carried out in recent years by professional accountants.

Zelda proposed we change the word 'audit' to 'independent examination'
as referred to in Paragraph 8.

Furthermore, Zelda proposed that we change the words 'audited accounts'
to 'accounts' as referred to in Paragraph 9.

The motion was carried by all present.

However, under paragraph 14 of the Constitution, any amendments approved at the AGM must then be confirmed by the full membership.

For this reason, a letter outlining the proposed amendments and a ballot paper has been prepared and we took the decision to send it out with the latest issue of SHCG News to economise on postage costs.

Please consider the amendment carefully and return your completed ballot paper to Hannah Maddox, at the address on the covering letter by 30th September 2008.