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Object Lessons

Need help to identify and care for your collection? Then Object Lessons is for you! Object Lessons, SHCG’s project to produce a range of learning resources for history curators, is funded by a grant from MLA’s Renaissance SSN Implementation programme.

Following an online survey of members, the production of the resources have been prioritised into the areas that you said you most wanted further training and guidance in. SHCG will be producing three boxes in the first phase of the project, on the identification and care of metals, plastics and wood.

Each box will contain a range of objects made of the appropriate materials, along with written resources to guide you through their correct identification and care. A fourth box will cover conservation problems in general, with a chance for you to get your hands on some dead nasty bugs in a safe environment!

Object Lessons is due for completion in March 2008, after which time the boxes will be used to enhance the regular SHCG training seminars. They may also be borrowed by individual museums or groups of individuals (for example AMA support groups) for self-directed learning over a number of weeks.

For more information about the project, please contact:
Zelda Baveystock
Newcastle University