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Event: Celebrating Britain’s Transport Textile symposium

Free half day symposium on 28 November

There will be a free half day symposium to celebrate the Heritage Lottery Funded moquette project Celebrating Britain’s Transport Textiles at London Transport Museum. Speakers will look at the history of vehicle interior design and the commissioning, designing and manufacturing of moquette today.

What is moquette? Unobtrusive but effective, we take it for granted, yet it’s literally woven into the fabric of our daily lives. It is the durable, woollen seating material used on the Underground, buses and trams.

Derived from the French word for carpet, moquette is produced on looms that create intricate patterns, using the Jacquard weaving technique. Moquette was first applied to public transport seating in London in the 1920s and the designs were produced by the manufacturers. With the creation of London Transport in the 1930s, prominent designers such as Enid Marx, Marion Dorn and Paul Nash were specially commissioned to create stylish, contemporary patterns for the Capital’s transport system. For nearly a century moquette has proved resilient and adaptable and has not only come to represent transport but has also become an icon of London itself.

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