Vision, Mission and Aspirations

To coincide with becoming a charity, in 2014 we created a new vision for the group:

Together; we will strengthen and transform social history in museums

We defined the group’s mission as follows:

SHCG supports practitioners by championing innovation, advocating the value of social history curatorship and supporting inspirational practice in museums and community heritage venues.

And we developed seven aspirational goals which we wanted our Forward Plan to focus on:

1. Widen and diversify the membership

2. Create a bursary scheme to support professional development

3. Create a Professional Development scheme

4. Increased partnership working

5. Increasing our profile and change perceptions about SHCG

6. Increased numbers and diversity at conference

7. Raise the standard of Journal Social History in Museums 


Action Plan

The two-year action plan below sets out not only the activities required to help us achieve our 7 aspirations listed above, but also the ongoing tasks involved in keeping the group running effectively. This is to ensure that the capacity of our trustees is reflective of their voluntary role and realistic to achieve their targets (both ongoing and aspirational).

Download SHCG_Forward_Plan_2019_2021.docx...