Tools of the Trade

With funding from Arts Council England, we've produced a series of films to help you identify tools in your collection. The experts in these films pick out some of the most commonly found tools, explain what they are and give a practical demonstration of how they were used.

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The Blacksmith

Rope working and Rigging

Sail, Sack and Canvas Working

Leather Workers

The Cooper - Dressing the staves

The Cooper - Raising the cask

The Cooper - Chiming the cask

The Cooper - Hooping

These films, along with other resources, can also be found in our database of social history resources, firstBASE.

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Identification films

Need help identifying something? These films are here to help.

In 2013, SHCG held three 'What is it?' training days on medals, photographs and tools. Below are films produced at these training sessions to help those that could not attend.