Email List

SHCG-list is an email discussion list exclusive to SHCG members.

Members discuss news, issues and information relating to all aspects of social history in museums, exchange knowledge, ideas and respond to appeals for help and advice.

Who can join?
You need to be either a personal member or work for an institutional member of SHCG to join the list.

How do I join?
1. Just send an email to:

State your name and whether you are a personal member or employed by an institutional member. If you work for an institutional member, please also state the name of the institution.

2. You will then receive an automated acknowledgement of your request. Please note that requests to join the list are then processed manually, not automatically. Requests will usually be processed within 48 hours, but please be patient and allow up to 14 days.

What happens next?
Once your membership is processed, you will receive two automatically generated emails, one containing a jargon-free guide to how the list works and one containing more technical information about the list.

Save both these emails for future reference as they contain important information like how to unsubscribe from the list and details about data protection.

You are now a member of the list and will be able to send messages to the list and receive emails sent by other members.

I’ve got a question, or I need help!
If you have any queries about the list, email: