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Curator working on object - a steel plate marked Mr Cecil Berg, Dental Surgeon

Cardiff Story Museum

Help us to pull together all sources of collections knowledge and information in one place, and make firstBASE the place to go to learn from each other’s experience, increase our knowledge and understanding of our objects, and improve the identification and interpretation of social history collections.

Have you found the best book while researching for an exhibition or a helpful website or organisation when trying to identify an object?  Please upload it to firstBASE!

We are looking for:

  • old pamphlets written by museums on social history subjects or objects
  • identification factsheets
  • key books and texts (including out of print ones)
  • websites
  • museums who hold particularly strong collections in specialist areas and may be a source of information and advice  – especially those with hidden ones
  • booklets published in conjunction with exhibitions
  • research conducted as part of a wider funded projects (eg. like that undertaken across the country for various projects to commemorate the anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade)
  • handover sheets produced by retiring curators

It is important that firstBASE only holds relevant records so users can be sure they are valuable, helpful resources.  Please make sure that any contributions to firstBASE provide historically accurate information in their contents, are from reputable authors or organisations and are significant in their collections and/or content.

Please do not add comments about specific museums, particularly if defamatory.

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