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EVENT: Access & inclusion discussion forum

Join us on Friday 18th June at 10am for a discussion about diversity and inclusion in SHCG and the wider museum sector. 

Session aims

The aim of the session is to provide an opportunity to:

  • Discuss how SHCG can better suit the needs of its membership.
  • Discuss diversity and inclusion with others across the museum sector. 
  • Share your thoughts on how SHCG and the wider museum and heritage sector can be more inclusive and representative.

The session will be chaired by SHCG trustees and will last 90 minutes. 

Open to all. You don’t need to be a SHCG member (although we’d love you to join!

Suggested pre-session reading 

You might find the links below useful, but they are not necessary before you attend the session:

How do I join the session?

The session will be hosted on the digital platform Zoom and all delegates will be sent the link to join in advance of the session. Information on how to use Zoom can be found on

Do I have to pay for the session?

No, we want to keep the discussion as accessible as possible so there is no charge.

Please email to register for the event. 

Will the session be recorded?

We are not recording this session to ensure that attendees feel comfortable sharing experiences and ideas. The session chairs will take notes and SHCG may publish some ideas from the session. All attendees will be anonymised in any write-ups from the event.