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firstBASE holds records, signposts, weblinks and downloads for the best resources that can help museum professionals develop the interpretation, and improve the identification, of the social history objects under their care.

firstBASE started in 2000 and has now grown to hold over 2000 records of useful books, articles, websites, significant collections, museums and organisations.

All resources listed on firstBASE have been checked, reviewed and verified by the firstBASE Editorial Committee, so you can be sure that the information held within them is of a high, accurate quality. 

The Editorial Committee continuously monitors and adds additional content to the site, and regularly checks all the weblinks held on it.

The Editorial Committee

Verity Smith

Verity has been a freelance curator, consultant and writer since 2018, having previously worked for national and local authority museums. She first joined the firstBASE committee during her time as SHCG Chair (2019-2021).

Michelle Lees

Michelle is Programme Manager of Gosport Heritage Action Zone. Previously she worked with collections at Cathedrals, National Museums and local history museums. She was Chair of SHCG 2013-15 and joined firstBASE team in 2020.

Catherine Newley

Catherine is the Audience Development Manager at St Albans Museums, having previously worked as the curator of the social history collections. She was Chair of SHCG 2015-2017 and joined the firstBASE team in 2011 in her previous role as SHCG Web Editor.

Sarah Maultby

Sarah is Museum Curator at Beck Isle Museum in Pickering, having previously worked in Social History collections for Local Authority, National and small independent museums. Sarah served as SHCG News Editor from 2003 to 2008. She joined firstBASE in 2014.

Steph Mastoris

Emma Harper

Emma is Curator at Welwyn Hatfield Museum service. Previous roles include Head of Exhibitions at the National Army Museum and prior to that Cataloguer, Curator and then Exhibitions Officer at The Postal Museum over a 10 year period. She joined firstBASE in 2010.

Briony Hudson

Briony is a freelance curator and pharmacy historian, having previously worked in national, local authority and independent museums.  She first joined the firstBASE committee during her time as SHCG Chair in 2005.

Jill Holmen

Jill currently works in the loans team at the British Museum, and has more than 25 years’ experience with mixed collections in national and local authority museums. She joined the firstBASE team in 2002, and served as SHCG Chair from 2007-2009.

Catherine Nisbet

Catherine is the Museum & Arts Officer for Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery.  Catherine has been involved in firstBASE since the inaugural meeting in 2000 when she was Vice Chair of SHCG.