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Lilleshall Company

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Includes business and property documents relating to The Lilleshall Company. This collection is located in the library and archives and is of regional importance. Telephone number (01952) 433 522 he Lilleshall Company was the largest industrial concern in the northern half of the East Shropshire Coalfield for over 150 years, and once had extensive iron and steel works, engineering works, coalmines, brickworks and a private railway network in and around the Oakengates, St. George’s and Donnington Wood areas. Artefacts such as the beam blowing engines "David & Sampson", and the large vertical blowing engine in the northern engine house of Blists Hill Blast Furnaces, were rescued from the Lilleshall Company as it began to contract rapidly from the 1970s onwards. By the year 2000, it had disappeared from the area altogether, though fortunately a large amount of archive material was passed to the Library of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum for permanent retention.



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