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John Newstead Collection (pharmacy)

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Large pharmaceutical collection in a reconstructed pharmacy. Includes original furniture and fittings, proprietary medicines, raw drugs, medical aids, prescription books and formularies. It is one of the best pharmaceutical displays on display in a public collection and is of regional and national importance. Telephone number (01603) 629127

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Bridewell Alley
United Kingdom


I met John Newstead at his home In Norwich in the 1980’s after I discovered that he had purchased the entire contents of my grandfathers apothecary style chemist shop in Westcliff on sea Essex in 1974. His name was William George Shreeve and the business was previously his fathers shop George James Shreeve. I have many lovely stories about my grandfather and his shop . Mr Newsread was very kind to me and even returned an old Windsor chair to me that used to sit in the back office of the shop. I have been to visit the museum a few years ago and were saddened to see the exhibits had been anonymised thus mixing my grandfahlers shop fittings etc with the other exhibits and making it hard to identify his things from the rest . Would love to come back again and share stories.

Terry paxton, Wednesday 25th December, 2019

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