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Artefacts from period of the organisation. The Museum of the British Resistance Organisation is housed in associated Quonset (Nissen) Huts adjacent to the 390th Bombardment Group Memorial Air Museum Control tower and is a tribute to the Auxiliary Units, or as they were officially known ‘Auxunits’. This is the only museum in the UK dedicated to all the men & women who served in the various sections of the Auxiliary Units and who would have become the British underground resistance should the threat of invasion have been realised. The members of the Auxiliary Units were the highly-trained and very determined 'stay behinds' who were to remain undetected in carefully constructed 'bunkers' (Operating Bases - OBs) as the invading German Army made its way through Britain. Officially known as 'operational bases', the word 'hideout', the officers who ran the Resistance soon decided, suggested a more passive purpose than that for which these bases had been constructed, and if overheard by the Germans or their friends, would not alert them to their intended use.Inside the museum exhibits include a unique and rare collection of exhibits, It is possible to see photographs of the officers and men of the Auxiliary Units, information of their weaponry and original examples of the time pencils, fuses and crimping mechanism of the explosives with which they were familiar. Other displays include examples of dead-letter boxes and intelligence instruction dossiers employed by the Special Duties Section; and as far as possible practical details of the radio communications network installed by the Royal Corp of Signals. This collection is of national importance. Telephone number (01728) 621373


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do you have any details of any aux. units operating in the Broadclyst/Whimpe areas of Devon.

Richard Arthurs

Richard Arthurs, Thursday 14th July, 2016

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