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Radio! Radio!

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Publisher: Sunrise Press 1986

ISBN: 978-0951144879


Radio!, Radio! is a celebration in words and pictures of the British wireless set from its experimental beginnings in Victorian England, to the foundation of a domestic wireless manufacturing industry and the inception of broadcasting in the early 1920's. The story continues on through the design-conscious 1930's (where the radio came into its own as a piece of furniture), to the war torn and austere days of the 1940's. The first transistor radios began to appear in the second half of the 1950's and in this new edition, this rather neglected area has been fully covered by a section all of its own which includes a directory listing of nearly 3,000 different transistor models. The book finishes after the 1960's, by which time our long established and once great radio industry had all but been destroyed by foreign imports.


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