Jacket for Antique Woodworking Tools

Jacket for Antique Woodworking Tools showing a selection of planes made by T. Norris & Son, London

Photograph by James Austin

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Antique Woodworking Tools

Their Craftsmanship from the Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century

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Contributor(s): James Austin, Robert Lesage, Peter Hackett

Publisher: John Adamson Cambridge

ISBN: 978-1-898565-05-5


Amassed over nearly forty years, the David Russell collection brings together a stunning array of edge and boring tools from Britain, continental Europe and North America, thus providing a broad survey of hand tool-making from prehistory to today. All the tools are illustrated with James Austin’s photographs, with details and marks shown where appropriate. Special attention is given to planes, and the great British makers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are discussed in depth. The book will appeal to a wide range of readers, including collectors, craftsmen, industrial archaeologists and social historians, as well as historians of material culture.


woodworking tools; hand-tools tool-making; plane-making

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