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Cymru Ddu Black Wales: a history

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Publisher: Hughes a'i fab / Hughes and son Cardiff

ISBN: 978-0852843253


This is a unique account of a hidden history.  Since at lease the 16th century, there has been a black presence in Wales, but much of that history has remained untold.

Wales is a small country with a small population, whose native people are often considered to be an ethnic minority.  So what have been the relationships between the white Welsh and the black people who have lived in Wales as a result of immigration and birth?  How tolerant has Wales been of its newcomers and citizens?  Why were there race riots in 1919?

From the houseboys and girls of the 17th century, to the sporting and literary heroes of today, this book examines the gradual weaving together of the black and white strands of Welsh society, written and printed bilingually. 


black community wales slavery slave trade merchant navy race identity racism diversity

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