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The treasures of childhood

Books, Toys and Games from the Opie Collection

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Publisher: Pavilion 1989

ISBN: 978-1857936247


This survey covers virtually every aspect of childhood and every type of book, toy, game and diversion. Over a period of 40 years, Iona and Peter Opie assembled a collection of 20,000 rare children's books, comics and other printed material. The Opie's also have a substantial collection of toys and games, most of them in mint condition and often still in their original packaging. Text on the early children's books, the classic Victorian illustrated books and the magazines and comics is provided by Brian Alderson, while Peter Opie's widow, Iona, and their son, Robert, examine the non-book items via themes. Iona Opie, together with her late husband, has published such books on children's literature as "The Oxford Dictionary of Nursey Rhymes" and "The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren".

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