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The Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has collections of glass and ceramics that combine functionality and decorative art. Pharmacists have always needed storage containers, and the Museum's holdings include a significant collection of tin-glazed drug jars from the 1600s, and of bottles from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. It also has a strong collection of magnificent show jars and carboys, as well as a range of more practical items from biscuitware mortars and glass measures, to medicine spoons and syringes.

Highlights of the collection: About 40,000 items, mostly donated by individual pharmacists, with a small proportion on display in cases located throughout the Society's offices. Large collection of English and continental delftware drug jars Display glassware, carboys and show jars Pill tiles, leech jars, medicine spoons, measures and mortars in ceramic and glass Large collection of ointment and cosmetic pots in delftware and other fabrics


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