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Brooklands is a very special place. As the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation and the home of many 20th century technologies, it is beyond compare. The construction of Brooklands Motor Course in 1907 was a wonder of its age. Much of the Track and many of its original buildings and features have survived to this day, some as Listed Buildings or part of a Scheduled Monument. Constructed at Weybridge, Surrey, by wealthy landowner Hugh Locke King in 1907 as a motor-racing circuit, Brooklands very soon became much more than that. Throughout the following 80 years it was to remain a world-renowned centre of technological and engineering excellence. The heyday of the racing circuit was undoubtedly the nineteen twenties and thirties, when record times were being set and broken by Malcolm Campbell, John Cobb and others, in such magnificently crafted machines as Napier, Delage, Mercedes, Bentley and Bugatti which were themselves lovingly tended by the finest mechanics in the land. Motorcycles and pedal cycles too had their devotees and many records were established on the Track. Brooklands was then a very fashionable place to be seen and became known as the ‘Ascot of Motorsport’. Includes aviation collection.




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