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This gallery tells the story of Huntley & Palmers, Reading's world famous biscuit makers. Discover how Huntley & Palmers pioneered the mass production of biscuits and why Reading became known as the 'Biscuit Town'. The gallery includes almost 300 decorative biscuit tins as well as advertising and artefacts, such as a biscuit supplied to Captain Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition. You can see and hear what factory life was like for Huntley & Palmers' thousands of workers, through oral history, photographs and historic film - including the earliest surviving film of a British factory. If you want to find out more about the Huntley & Palmers Collection at the Museum, follow the links to view the collection page on this site, or go to our dedicated Huntley & Palmers website. Uncover the story behind the famous biscuit makers, see if you could become a biscuit millionaire, or identify your own tins.


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