SHCG ballots members on amendment to Constitution

Members will receive an additional insert with the new copy of SHCG News. The insert is a ballot to approve an amendment to the wording of the Constitution.

New constitution approved

SHCG is pleased to announce the result of the recent ballot regarding the change of wording to the constitution.

New Forward Plan Published

The SHCG committee have recently agreed the organisation's new Forward Plan.

Conference 2007: Too Hot to Handle? Exploring Emotive Issues in Social History 5-7 July 2007

This year’s SHCG conference will be held on the subject of ‘difficult', controversial and emotive subjects, including those that disturb and affect or subjects that are more difficult to enable the public to engage with.

Social History Curators Group Forward Plan 2006-2007

SHCG work to a two-yearly Forward Plan which outlines our aims and objectives in all areas of the Group's work.

New SHCG email list for members

Social History Curators Group is launching a new email list exclusive to SHCG members, replacing the members area of the SHCG website.

Object Focus : Fancy Ices

Fancy ices were a very popular part of late nineteenth century dinner menus for the middle and upper classes. They were shaped using moulds many of which have subsequently found their way into museum collections.