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Event: Knowing and Throwing Seminar - How to Identify and Rationalise Social History Collections

How to Identify and Rationalise Social History Collections

27th April 2015, Peterborough Museum

This seminar is delivered in partnership between SHARE Museums East and the Social History Curators Group.

This training session is aimed at those who work with a wide range of social history collections. It will be especially relevant for those considering areas of their collection for review, rationalisation and disposal.  Delegates are invited to attend from throughout the country but there is a limit of two delegates per institution.

The idea of collections rationalisation and disposal can be daunting.

For social history collections in particular the process can be complicated as often it’s the story and context connected to the object which makes it interesting or important. But what do you do if you don’t know what the object is? Where do you even start?

This free full-day seminar will provide you with tools and tips to get to know what objects are in your social history stores and begin the collections rationalisation process.

The seminar will provide guidance on the policies and procedures to follow in considering collections rationalisation and disposal.

Case studies will provide creative inspiration and offer practical solutions. Participants will also have opportunities to consider, discuss and share their own social history rationalisation projects.

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • discovered a range of resources to help with identifying objects found in social history collections
  • learnt the processes and toolkits which should be used to guide the collections review process.
  • gained confidence  to make  informed decisions  about their own collections
  • been inspired by case studies and share ideas with delegates  who have  similar collections care issues

For further information and to book, please go to the SHARE website here