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We are looking for submissions for Issue 82 of SHCG News

Articles can include news or topical information; a review of an exhibition, gallery or book; or an article for the regular 'Theory & Practice' section.

We are particularly looking for 'Object Focus' submissions. These should focus on your favourite item from your (or another’s) collections.

You could also tell readers about a recent exhibition or project in which you were involved.

Our recent conference sparked all sorts of interesting discussions around interpretation, representation and new media, so it could be that recent events have made you want to open up debate on a particular topic relevant to social history in museums, or the sector in general.

Maybe you'd even like to write in response to something you read about in the last issue, or which was raised as part of a discussion on the SHCG e-mail list.

Object Focus submissions should be around 400-500 words;

Reviews should be 400-500 words OR 900-1000 words;

Theory & Practice articles should be 900-1,000 words. All articles must include images.

If you would like to submit an article or discuss your ideas, please contact

The deadline for submissions is Friday 1st March.