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Conference 2007: Too Hot to Handle? Exploring Emotive Issues in Social History 5-7 July 2007

This year’s SHCG conference will be held on the subject of ‘difficult', controversial and emotive subjects, including those that disturb and affect or subjects that are more difficult to enable the public to engage with. With sessions looking at the reasons why museums should be interpreting such subjects, and case studies involving a whole range of themes and projects showing how they can, there should be plenty of food for thought and inspiration!

Sessions will be examining themes such as interpreting the Holocaust, refugee experiences, the Ku Klux Klan and mining disasters, working with the gypsy/travelling community, and exhibiting the Troubles in Northern Ireland. As 2007 marks the anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, we’ll also be looking at how two major new projects at Hull and the National Maritime Museum, are interpreting the history and impact of the slave trade.
Speakers include:

Dr Fiona Cameron, University of Western Sydney
Elizabeth Carnegie, University of Sheffield
Alison Kelly, Glasgow Museums
Sarah Batsford, Imperial War Museum
Annette Day, Museum of London
Michael Terwey, National Maritime Museum
Trevor Parkhill, Ulster Museum
Andrew Deathe, National Museums Wales
Georgina Young, Croydon Museum
Tracey Bradley, National Coal Museum
Helen Gurney, Hertford Museum
Dr Kris Brown, Healing through Remembering